Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Further embellishing

Now that I have finally finished my last assignment for my OU course I can get back to doing things that I enjoy. I have been keeping up with Dale's course but things have not been working too well - too many other things going on perhaps. The last two samples on the previous blog worked out better than I expected and with further stitching etc. could be quite effective. So to the latest...

This was jute scrim and silk chiffon embellished onto Arctic wool gauze. Quite a nice surface initially but then I had the idea of embellishing some Tyvek onto the back and zapping it. I'm not sure whether the effect will show here but the texture it created on the chiffon was really three-dimensional. Lots of ideas of how to use it are beginning.

We had to knit up some yarn, cut it up and embellish it onto felt. I suddenly realised that I had not actually got any ordinary knitting wool so had to use some Colinette Giotto which is a rayon and cotton mix. Fortunately it did work and I found some lovely feathery samples of what I think is viscose from my shade card and added those. Bit more glitzy than I would normally go for but I can see its uses.

This really was an accident. I had knitted up some heavy spun silk yarn and then embellished it. When I had finished it it reminded me of one of those sea creatures - are they tube worms or something? I added some wire around the top so that I could manipulate it, sewed it together in a tube and gave it a coiled wire tongue! Imagination is a wonderful thing.

These last two photos are actually of a piece I did before the course started but it did not work out quite as expected so as this was the first exercise for Lesson Five I decided to revisit it. It is wool circles embellished onto Kunin felt with some wool yarn randomly between. It was then zapped and some Treasure Gold added. What I had done wrong initially was to try to zap it from the front which does actually cause the wool to begin to smoulder! Following Dale's instructions I re-zapped it from the back and it worked much better. At least I will know for next time. First pic is from the bak and the second from the front. I think I prefer it from the back as it is less in-your-face.

It is now still very wet outside so I am going to try some more things from Lesson Five - without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. (Housework is a non-starter and the cat is asleep)


  1. Maggi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Using the embellisher is such great fun. I'm enjoying Dale's class as well. Been busy finishing up a large commission art quilt so haven't played with the embellisher much. It's calling though.

  2. Hi Maggi - your samples are looking really good - you seem to be having a more satisfactory time of it than I am - although I must admit other stuff keeps getting in the way! Only one more week to go - boo hoo!


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