Sunday, 19 October 2008

Surprise swap

I recently made a postcard for a fellow TQS member who then said she would swap with me. I was expecting a postcard but in the mail on Saturday morning came a beautiful surprise.

Have been making postcards of late mainly as a way of learning what my new sewing machine can do. Here is the one that I sent to Diane, the fellow TQS member.


  1. Hi Maggie. What a great idea to make something beautiful whilst finding out what your new sewing machine can do. I like the postcards swaps, I must mention them to our little textile group that meet once a month. They sound like a great project we can all share. xx

  2. Hi Maggie! Love your work! Welcome to fabric atcs one to one! Marva

  3. Hi maggie,
    Well, a lovely postcard indeed. I am proposing that we swap a postcard. I love making them, so how about it?
    Thanks for your comment about Lovers at Sunset...I do love wool roving...brilliant colours!
    In Ireland

  4. Hi Maggi
    I adore the fabric postcards. They are one of the things on my "to do" list. Thanks for wishing me well with my new business venture. Where abouts are you in Derbyshire, I'm up at the top end in the High Peak?
    Pam xx

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have just been reading yours and see we did the ESE course at the same time......I was not a good student, and did not finish all our challenges either, things became very busy and I was distracted. I love your pieces though, much more individual. I'm interested in your use of Photoshop and distorted images as I'm trying to learn how to do the same thing and will go back to Maggie G's blog for another look. Cheers, Sue

  6. Hi Maggie, I have just given you an award on my blog, I love the work you show on yours. Cheers, Robin


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