Monday, 1 December 2008

Boxes finished

The boxes for the presents for this week are at last finished. One is for a very dear friend of 51 years and will contain the brooch that is so her. I did not make the brooch, it was bough at Chatsworth Country Fair back in August and I am afraid to say that I lost the maker's card. She is from derbyshire and makes the most beautiful felted jackets.

The other one is for a 50 year old male who I have known since he was 14 - now I do feel old. I am going to fill it with Thorntons chocolates, not very imaginative I know but what do you get men as presents. He is having a 'beer and skittles' party on Saturday at a local pub which is great as I really don't like parties very much. I used pre cut Grungeboard letters and shapes for the tops and the sides and quite like the effect. Next time I would use some stitching but I was pushed for time with these.

My priority for now is getting my Christmas cards made. I normally end up posting at the last minute but am determined to be more organised this year. Thank you to those of you who commented on the quilts in the previous blog. I am going to live with them for a month and then make a decision.


  1. Hi
    Beautiful boxes. They will love them even the male - especially with 'special' chocolates in it.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have looked back at some of your previous blogs - love your colours.

  2. What lovely gift ideas. The boxes are beautiful in themselves, but filled with goodies too

  3. Your boxes are wonderful - you must be very pleased with them and Im sure the recipients will be too. What a good idea for a man's present - it is always difficult to find the right gift especially for a 'milestons' birthday. You have given me a few ideas.

  4. Thankyou for the lovely comment. I love the boxes. I think they make a great present on their own.
    With Smiles

  5. Hi Maggi
    love the boxes, i have not tried making a bigger box as yet,
    Thanks for your lovely comment
    have a great weekend

  6. I love the boxes too, and expecially the idea of the grungeboard. I am about to start making a box in a panic today for a gift to send away - the other container I was making is not big enough to take the gift voucher, so you have given me ideas. Cheers, Robin

  7. OO! you are good, making your own Christmas cards.

  8. Thankyou for your kind comments - the keys on the trianle book are real ones and lock the tiny padlock which forms the closure for it.

  9. I love your boxes and that brooch was a wonderful find. i'm sure the recipient will love it too.


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