Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Almost back to normal

The flu is beginning to abate although the doctor has signed me off for another seven days. Hopefully I will feel able to do a little more - no housework of course, far too strenuous. Thank you to all those of you who wished me a speedy recovery, your thoughts were much appreciated.

Dale's Ratty Tatty papers started last week and has involved creating pieces using napkins and felt. I haven't managed to do very much but thought I would share what little bit there is.

This is a completed piece with the distressed grid laid over the background and slips added on top of the grid.

This next one is simply a collage made to cheer myself up for not having any energy left to sew. The napkin she came from has little else on it except the border so is limited in its usage.

I have also managed to finish my IFQ January Journal Quilt this morning. I have combined it with the Black and White Challenge and also my determination to get to grips with Photoshop this year. It looks a bit scrappy round the edge because I am not binding them. I intend to write the process on the backs and then make a book out of them. Binding the edges would make them somewhat bulky and so this one is satin stitched but the fabric frays badly - hence the scruffy look!

That's all I can manage for now, as the sun is shining I really ought to go and post my certificate off to work. Almost forgot - a photo of my Hippeastrum which seems to have been growing visibly over the last ten days and is almost ready to burst into flower. I love the anticipation at this stage.


  1. A journal quilt books sounds like a lovely idea. Love the first page. Hopefully, after a few days you'll be able to enjoy yourself more

  2. Hello there, really love your work. Sorry to hear you're fighting the flu. Hope you get all better soon.

  3. Hope you are feeling better??
    love the Ratty Tatty.

  4. Glad you're feeling a little better Maggi - I love the black & white journal...even the fraying ;o)
    Look after yourself.

  5. Sorry that you have not been feeling well. I do love your work, and always enjoy seeing what you are doing. I gave you an award on my blog. Hope it cheers you up!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Another week off means more time to quilt! Your Jan. Journal page is really pretty. I haven't heard of the paper quilting technique you used, will have to go check this out!

  7. So glad you are at last feeling a bit better. Love the Ratty Tatty paper sample and your black and white piece. Your flower will be glorious when it comes out fully. Take good care of yourself and don't try to do too much, too soon.

  8. I am sorry to hear that you are ill Maggie. I have just about stopped coughing so loudly to shake the Earth, know how you feel.. Big hug & tons of invisible fabric to make you feel better

  9. Maggi - Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I have an bulb at almost the same stage. Take care, V.

  10. After all my success today I was sure to drop a clanger somewhere - I have just left a reply to your comment on my own blog!! It's cut me down to size as I was saying how pleased I am with myself for transferring and posting my own photos at last. Hope you are continuing to feel stronger - keep warm.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care - the flu can really drain you.

    I love the quilt journal!

  12. For a neat satin stitch finish have a look at:
    I find that easy and it leaves a very nice looking edge without having to bind the JQ
    Love black and white art work


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