Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bits and Pieces.

I actually managed to get the car out yesterday and go out for some essentials - mainly the cat's fish and fresh veg. Since then it has been snowing off and on again with more forecast for tomorrow and Monday. The one advantage that this weather has had is that it has given me plenty of time to watch the antics of the garden birds who have been arriving in droves and eating me out of house and home. The only time that the blackbirds seem to stop squabbling is when the starlings turn up - perhaps that is down to those very sharp pointy beaks. Apologies for the quality of the photos but I was taking it from inside and it was snowing.

I love the way that this one bird just didn't seem to notice that all the others had been startled by something.

I did some colour and line sketching the other day and decided to experiment by transferring them into stitch. This one was done by using two similar rayon threads through the needle (except for the red) and is something that could possibly be developed further.

It may, however, have to wait a while as this came in the post today ...

I think that I may be in for some serious playtime!

Create well.



  1. Maggi, your lines are fantastic.....your creativity is great.
    ciao ciao Linda

  2. That piece of stitching looks really interesting, like the colours.

  3. Thread painting looks like a fun project to learn. Will be waiting to see what you come up with.

  4. Well done for braving the roads, I have enjoyed living through Derbyshire winters so I can imagine how it has been for you.
    I am also enjoying our garden birds, they look even more colourful in the snow.
    Enjoy your playtime!

  5. I've had great entertainment from watching the birds too, and the squirrels. Your stitch/sketch is gorgeous and that book looks and sounds very interesting. We'll all be anticipating wonderful quilts.

  6. The weather and feathered activity is working well for you! Love the line work.

  7. Who wouldn't mind being snowed in with such a gorgeous book to inspire and that stitching is great.

  8. Your garden looks like mine Maggi. The blackbirds have taken over. We've even been putting out a bit of cheese and old grapes. They gobble it down. Only thing is we have to keep the dog in until they've eaten the cheese ortherwise he will eat it all.

    I received that book for Christmas. Looks as though a lot of 'playing' is in order.

  9. I am really enjoying all the snow photos. Love the birds,I also love watching them in my garden,playing under the sprinklers.
    Beautiful stitching. Hope you lots of fun with your book.

  10. Hi
    I bought that book too. It is superb. I have always loved her work and have been doing what she does for quite some time - there are lots of examples on my blogs - not exactly the same as her I might add - but I still loved the book.
    Our snow was very deep but it has begun to thaw today.
    Enjoy the book.

  11. keep warm, Maggi, and enjoy your play time!

  12. Love your stitched piece Maggi - wonderful colour! That book looks as if it is full of eye candy and inspiration - wonderful way to feed the soul!

  13. Hi Maggi
    I love that joke!! I think I must live a bit further south of Derbyshire than you because our snow has almost gone...but guess what! There's more forecast for today!!! :-(
    I, too, have been feeding the blackbirds and bless them, they have rewarded me by leaving droppings EVERYWHERE!!
    Love your beautiful neat...and thank you for making me want yet ANOTHER book!

  14. Loved the pics of the snow and that book looks awesome. I will have to check into that one!


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