Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back home from its travels.

Almost a year ago I sent an embellished piece off to Australia for the Connections Challenge that Dale Rollerson of the Thread Studio had organised. It didn't win anything but is well-travelled and has been seen by many people along the way. The other day the piece arrived home with a lovely selection of rayon threads as a thank you for entering. I had forgotten to take a photo of the finished piece before I sent it off so I am now able to show it fully finished.

The Stitching Tree

These are the threads that came with the piece

"I will help you to arrange them"         

"Why do you want threads anyway, you got me?" 

The threads ...                   

Things seem to have been quite felty lately. I made some pieces of Nuno felt the other day (a good way to keep warm), dyed them and was also able to throw in some left over pieces of silk which now coordinate nicely.  I love the way the different silks produce varying textures. 

The felts

The silks 

I have some ideas for a project, albeit a small one for the felt but I can't reveal it at the moment as it may well become a swap.

I know that journaling is something that many of you out there do on a regular basis but I am a real procrastinator when it comes to using sketchbooks etc. I tend to launch straight into the stitching and see where it takes me.  Myfanwy Hart has set up a blog about journals and so I decided that while my trusty Bernina is having a service (I can't believe that it gave me an actual message telling me to contact my dealer!) I would do something that didn't require too much in the way of stitching. A quick dabble last night produced several pages and some lovely pieces of paper that will come in handy sometime.

In the post from Jan this week was my ATC. It is a beautiful rainbow of pleated sheers. 

My order from the Thread Studio, along with some used Shiva sticks also arrived. I didn't take a photo of the latter but they are going to be really useful as none of them are colour that I have already.

And last, but by no means least, just before  started this blog post I was browsing through the ones that I follow and discovered hat I had won Jan's giveaway which is a beautiful bag, so thanks again to Jan.

Thank you too to all of your good wishes over my cold. It has now gone thank you.

Nothing more for now so enjoy being creative until next time.



  1. Those greens are very fribrant, good reminder that spring will soon be here

  2. Wonderful that your piece came back...better watch that kitty, I know what mine would do with all that lovely thread!
    I want to journal too, but the closest I get is my blog. As I work on a new project that I have designed I do make notes to aid in writing the pattern. I don't think that's the same thing though I guess journaling is whatever you want it to be.

  3. Maggi, those papers are lovely. Next installment will be up soon!

    Like the stitching too!

  4. Gosh Maggi, so much to comment on!

    I just love the greens of your felt and silks, gorgeous emeralds, and I shall look forward to seeing what you make with them.

    Your embellished piece for the Australian challenge is so rich too, it reminds me of tree bark.

    The sketchbook pages look wonderful too, I'm really tempted to try that myself. It's half term this week, so Maybe I'll have a go, and big congratulations on winning that fabulous bag of Jan's, I'm truly green with envy!!

  5. Not sure what to dribble over the most - yummy colours, delightful feline, threads - I'd like it all please!

  6. Where do I start? What a fabulous post Maggi. I just love that stitching tree, how come it didn't win anything I want to know. I would give it first prize any day of the week.
    Those greens are to DYE for, sorry, couldn't resist it! They are gorgeous, what oh what are you going to do with trhem I wonder....
    You have already done your painting, I have mine yet to do, bit busy just now, will try to find time in the week for a dabble....
    The threads you got are pretty by the way...
    Puss likes them too it seems...
    Hmm, that ATC used only one Voile, it is printed with rainbow colours, would you like some?
    What is that in the perspex box? I can't quite make it out Maggi.... Blind as well as thick I guess!
    Posting the bag to you on Tuesday, hope you like it in the flesh.. Jan

  7. Thanks for the link to the journal blog....I look forward to following it and seeing what is to come.

  8. What a great post Maggi so much to look at.
    I love all the colours in those threads.

  9. I love the "Stitching Tree" piece, and glad you got some yummy threads for having entered it in a show.

    The silks/felts are so explosive in color! Gorgeous!

    Love the journal pages, too!

    So much great eye candy,all in one post!

  10. Another great post Maggi, so much colour on one page, fantastic!

  11. Fantastic post Maggi - I love your Stitching Tree and what a lovely 'thankyou'. Your nuno felt and silks are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing what they become. I share your views on sketchbooks and like to get straight on with things once an idea forms. Those sketchbook pages and the ATC are super as are the goodies from the Thread Studio. Congrats on winning Jan's bag and glad you are well again. I'm off to look at Myfanwy Hart's blog - I enjoyed her programme on Talking Threads.

  12. I am with you on the sketch book thing, Maggi - I can't wait to get started on the real thing. The trouble is that i don't draw well . I have just started my first journal this week - it looks a bit amateurish but one has to start somewhere. Love those papers, am trying a similar thing for the pages in my journal - if it all works I shall post it eventually.

  13. So much lovliness today Maggi and what a helpful cat! Your sketchbook pages look very exciting. Congratulations on your prize.

  14. Wow Maggi! What a super post - a real feast for the eyes - love your sketchbook pages - love all the colour....

  15. I love the stitching tree, it's wonderful. Your pleated sheers ATC is beautiful also. Such wonderful work.

  16. I'm doing a book for my next stage with Linda Colsh isn't fine like yours.
    ciao ciao

  17. Amazing work (as ever!) and I love that kitty 'helps' - having had to chase mine down for stealing net (and chewing it - euch!) several times this week I am sure you removed those threads into protective custody as soon as possible!

  18. What a feast for the eyes. That acid green felt is amazing. The stitching tree piece is beautiful. Congratulations on its success.

  19. What an inspiring post Maggi....full of loveliness :-)


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