Saturday, 20 March 2010

Why I love to dye silk

It seems to be a long time since the last post and much of my time has been spent dyeing and working. I did several loads of acid dyed silks and viscose wool felt, mainly because I just love dyeing silk for the effects that it creates but also I needed something suitable for an embellisher-made bag swap.

Medium weight habotai

Various silk sheers

Silk tops

And because I was going to be using the embellisher, I threw in some viscose wool felt.

I liked the piece that I made for the bag so much that I came very close to keeping it and turning it into a piece for the wall but I stuck to my original aim and made a bag for Cath. I am glad that I did now as she loves it and so it has gone to a good home

The original fabric

and the bag ...

Just because I had the fabrics out I also made another wrapfolio and a postcard.

This month's Technique of the Month was overpainting fabric with metallic paint. As I had a pretty unprepossessing piece of fabric that had not dyed well, I decided to use that and it certainly improved it although I can't say that I love it.

The  same group that is doing the bag swap have also been doing a bookmark and quiltie swap. These are the bookmarks that I received from Jytte, Angela and Marian. Now I can enjoy reading lots of books at once.

This is the quiltie that I made for Joan, again using silk and felt and with the flowers and leaves made from thermogauze

If you have managed to get down this far, can I recommend a beautiful book to you by Virginia Spiegel, 'Wild at the Edges'. This has the most beautiful images and thought provoking and inspiring narrative. For those of you who have been considering that they might have a book in them, this one is self-published by Blurb and I was surprised at the excellent quality. If you want to have a peek inside the book go to Virginia's blog.

Last but not least I managed to win myself some fabric last week from Just Hands On TV, just for being a subscriber. Do check out the site. You can get there by clicking on the logo on my side bar.

I'll try not to take so long before the next posting, so until then, enjoy whatever you are doing.



  1. Well worth the wait to see the bag. I am sure it will be much loved, although I can see why you wanted to keep the fabric

  2. Your dyed fabrics are gorgeous Maggi and I love the bag, wrapfolio and postcard too. The bookmarks and little quilt are great and that book sounds very interesting. I'll take a look at Virginia's blog and the Just Hands On website - thankyou for the links.

  3. The fabrics are looking absolutely gorgeous. They are a piece of art in itself!

  4. You are very productive! The colors are so vivid and beautiful. I love all you have made.

  5. That habotai dyed is gorgeous Maggi!! I've already a use for it....
    Congrats on the JHO TV win!! You lucky thing you! I saw in the email they had chosen.

  6. You have been busy Maggi and the fabrics are gorgeous, just my colours too! Congratulations on your win :o)

  7. Maggi, Such beautiful Fabrics and the bag is too yummy! You are such a creative artist! And a very busy one! I wish we were neighbours, I could learn so much from you! Cheers your friend, Donna

  8. What a lovely post certainly have been busy. The colours are all wonderful and compliment each other so well. I must say you have great control over that zig-zag stitch!!
    I really like the green bag - so unique.
    Enjoyed looking at the book too - thanks for the link.
    (I'm trying hard not to be jealous that you have an embellisher... :-)

  9. Oh yum - what gorgeous things you do produce. Had to check I hadn't dribbled all over the keyboard!

  10. All those glorious colours! a total riot, stunning!

  11. I just love all the colours in your dyed pieces Maggi, I'm so lucky to have been the recipient of that gorgeous bag, and I'm also really looking forward to using the fabrics and silk tops that you sent with it. Fabulous shades of emerald....really yummy!

  12. How utterley yummy your silk is now - you're reminding me why I love to dye.....!

  13. Gosh, what a busy lady you are! I love the colours in your bag and the wrapfoloio and postcard are gorgeous.Am not familiar with thermogauze, but it looks interesting.

  14. The fabrics and projects are looking great! I would love to see the silks close up.

  15. Maggie you do such a beautiful job of dyeing the fabrics and wools and the purse turned out beautiful. Your friend will surely enjoy it.

    I left my embellisher in Chicago and am itching to get going again especially when I see your work.



  16. Wow! What wonderful colors and luster!

  17. All so very yummy! I especially love the folio!

  18. No wonder you haven't posted Maggi, you have been so busy dyeing the silk all those gorgeous colours. I love the bags you made. Cheeers, Robin

  19. what lovely colourd your dyed fabic is. and you have been so busy.
    Congrats on the win too.

  20. Bag, wrapfolio and postcard are very nice. What wonderfull work ! I like the colours.

  21. What wonderful work!!! I love all.

  22. I adore the rich colours of your silks

  23. Wow. What a fantastic post this is. Beautiful dyed fibres and fabrics and then the beautiful things you did with them.

  24. Wow Maggi! Those dyed silks are to die for! Just absolutely grgeous! What a wonderful post - and wonderful pix. Thanks for sharing.

  25. That's a great post Maggi. My first visit in quite a while and well worth the wait. I should have more time after next week.

  26. Hi Maggie !
    I am totally new on this blog thing...trying to create my own..
    Your page is so inspiring !!!
    and I LOVE your silk fabrics ! LOVE the blue-green bag and wallet !Any chance for you to come to Istanbul and sell them maybe :)))
    Anyway...greetings from Turkey ! and good luck with your fabulous work !

    Zeynep Deniz

  27. Maggi it is so great to come to your blog. Your art is just 'jummy'. It is a treat to enjoy what you display here.


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