Monday, 17 November 2008

ATC swap book

I have finally finished the little book that I am using to house all the ATCs received in the swap from Dale's class. It is only approx.  6" x 6" so is very easy to handle. Each card has its own page and I have added the name of the maker and where they are from. The photo was taken before I had added the information. I love it and it is a great reminder of a really friendly group of people. I have made a cord to fasten it with but have not attached it yet - too busy looking at it.

I also had a lovely post card from Miriam in Dublin on Friday for our Fabricard swap.

Back at work now for the next six days hopefully things will be quiet (that is tempting fate) and I can do some sewing when i get home or before I go depending on the shift.


  1. I love the cover for your ATC book. The textures are gorgeous. The triangular book is great too - I found the Winsor and Newton gesso very soft too. I couldn't get the strong textures that the thicker stuff gives, but found I could stitch into it much more easily. It's all good fun, isn't it?

  2. Funny enough,this reminds me of a fabric postcard that I made...we think alike Maggi. Ok,now you have to save that award in document and get it on your blog to show the world that you are the winner that you are.
    All the best,

  3. Hi Maggie. What a great idea to place all your ATC cards in a beautifully decorated little book. xx

  4. what a lovely idea Maggie to put them in a special little book that's a treasure in itself!

  5. The ATC`s book is a great idea,and I love the colour,my cheap gesso from The Works did not hold its shape,so I bought some from Golden at vast expensive and it was not any better but yours has worked well on the cover


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