Tuesday, 3 February 2009

January JQ

I know that it is the start of February but I have finished my January Journal Quilt for the Contemporary Quilt Group at last. The format this year is 6" x 12" which I have found is a really comfortable size to work with. There is no theme we have to work to so my initial thoughts are to explore Photoshop - although that may change. I had a piece of hand dyed fabric that I wanted to use for something and it was just the right size for this project - less than an inch leeway on either side. My Hippeastrum that I showed a bud of in an earlier post had just came out so I decided to play around with that in Photoshop for a while and eventually came up with the placement. The one aspect of this that I agonised over for some time was the quilting. I loved the fabric so much that I didn't want to detract from it so I eventually decided on a complete contrast to the organic feel to the piece and go with straight lines. I am happy with the result fortunately.

This is the Hippeastrum in full bloom - all four flowers were 7" across when fully open.

Like everyone else over here we've had our fair share of snow overnight. I spent two hours clearing the drive this morning ready for going to work on Thursday morning only to discover that more is forecast. Perhaps I should explain that I live in a cul de sac the start of which is a steep hill. My drive is also on a slope. We never get gritted and getting out is as hazardous as getting in as you literally slide down to the junction at the bottom. There have been several occasions when I have had to leave the car somewhere at the bottom. I don't have the option of a day off on Thursday if it is bad so will have to brave the elements at 5.30 am and hope for the best.

This is what I was watching last night and believe it or not there are normally hills beyond the roof in the photo.


  1. Hi there Maggi...
    This looks really pretty..wow.
    Snow here too and cold, good weather to create..lol.

  2. We were stood on the platform of Sheffield train station yesterday, and in the worst of the snow, you couldn't see the crane across the road. It did look lovely this morning with the sun shining though. The fabric you have used is lovely, I really like the colour

  3. Hi Maggie. Your Hippeastrum is beautiful and I love what you have done in photoshop. I hope you get out save on your very early start Thursday. Your image of the snow does look beautiful though! xx

  4. Your photography is wonderful. It has been too cold to go out and take pics. I will have to do that. We are taking our long walks, and really I should photograph our hikes. Incredible work!

  5. Beautiful flower and i like how you photoshopped it and added to the fabric. Do you print it onto another fabric, then applique on? I haven't tried this, but want to. If only there were more hours in the day to do every project we want to!!!

  6. The hippeastrum is magnificent and your Photoshop interpretation is lovely. Hope you get out safely in the morning. We too are at the bottom of a sloping cul-de-sac which never gets gritted. It seldom snows to any degree here and we are just not used to having to cope with it.

  7. Hi Maggie

    I love the way you quilted it. Seeing it I couldn't imagine it being done any other way. A beautiful piece of work.

    Be careful driving in the snow. Growing up in Canada and since living in Chicago I am used to it but the older you get the more you hate to drive in it. We are fortunate to be able to spend the winters in Florida but had 2 terrible weather weeks when home for christmas.



  8. Hi Maggi

    Snow! I hate winter but at the moment I'd welcome anything cooler than the 40C we're currently experiencing. Canberra doesn't usually get this hot and I'm having trouble coping with it. It's too hot to do anything, except collapse in front of the tv with the air-conditioning turned up high. At least we have air-conditioning.

  9. I love your background fabric for this quilt Maggi. I'm a bit late in commenting so I hope you don't get anymore snow this week.

  10. Hi Maggi,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Your quilt looks very interesting,beautiful flower.
    Michala x

  11. That quilt is highly successful. I love the way you stitched it without distracting at all from the beauty of the fabric.

  12. A lovely quilted piece your placement of the flowers is perfect the fabric is beautiful

  13. Love how you play in photoshop and how you combine it with the fabric which looks like clouds and the sky.


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