Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I've been missing you

It is over two weeks since my last post and apart from work I have been really missing catching up with everyone's blogs. My internet connection has been very temperamental recently, kept timing me out or refusing to connect. Very frustrating, especially when I had tried to access something. I tried it out each morning to see if it was going to play ball but in the end I gave up and concentrated on sewing. Today it seems to have remembered its manners so let's hope this post actually makes it.

I have been doing another online class with Ellen Lindner. It is called Instant Art Quilts. This is a very different way of working for me and has been quite challenging but I am almost there. I have just got to complete the hand quilting around the accent pieces and then bind it and it will be done. I did some of the quilting earlier but have had to take a break as it is quite tough going as there are several layers in places, fortunately the use of pliers has made it easier.

This month's Popular Patchwork Journal Quilt Challenge was to use a twin needle. I had actually used this technique on my January one but only quilting with straight lines using straight stitch and zig zag. I decided to use this month to try out the stainless steel fabric in a more quilty setting and have to admit that it behaves beautifully. I definitely have ideas about how to use this fabric in another project. As far as I can tell the only downside is that it is not easy to photograph.

Uploading that last pic took two attempts so Broadband is still not entirely recovered. Apologies to those blogger friends that I usually visit regularly but at least I got caught up today.

Happy stitching



  1. Maggi,

    Glad you are back with us again!!! I love the Instant Art piece!! Well done

  2. Thanks for your comment. The workshop sounds v.stimulating and the result looks good.

  3. I was going to send you off an e-mail if you were missing much longer! I was wondering if everything was okay, especially after the car debacle.

    These two pieces are just yummy! Absolutely gorgeous, Maggi!

  4. I love these pieces. The colours are lovely.

  5. It undermines my confidence when the internet has a funny turn. I always think it is something I have done. Love the flame like shapes on your quilt and the stainless steel fabric one looks amazing.

  6. Good to have you back!
    Love the pieces you are showing here!
    Internet here was being a ...you know what here too, for a couple of days. Then again it could have something to do with the storms we got here..lol.
    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  7. Both quilts are very striking and I particularly like the Instant quilt. The accent pieces really atand out against the background fabric.

    I hope your internet connection holds up. It's so frustrating, isn't it?

  8. Welcome back - and with two such spectacular pieces. I really must have a go with metals!

  9. Hi Maggie. Two gorgeous pieces. Wonderful colours. I love the outburst of oranges, yellows and reds on the first piece. Our Internet connection has been a little temperamental too over the last week. Its a little frustrating when half way through something and it drops line! Hope its sorted soon. xx

  10. I love your work Maggi. The online class seems so interesting. i checked out her site and it is so different!
    Thanks for the thumbs up!

  11. Love your art pieces...you are always doing something new and interesting.

  12. This comment is in Italian so is more intense.
    MERAVIGLIOSO ( terrific) it seems that is shinning.
    ciao ciao

  13. Such inspiring work Maggi; I love the background on the art quilt and the way you've pieced it together.
    The twin-needle work is fabulous; great patterns and textures .... and I love the heat effect on the metal.
    (I was talking to Aysn about you on Tuesday!)
    Linda x

  14. Ooops...sorry *Alysn*.
    (Must remember to check before pressing enter!)

  15. Nice to have you back Maggie. Love the quilts. I must get some of the stainless steel fabric to try. I'd never heard of it before.

  16. Hi Maggi,

    Thank you for swinging by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Your quilts are beautiful!!! I would love to learn how to quilt...especially art quilts. The online Instant Art Quilt class sounds like it would be right up my alley. Limits and Resistance is lovely...the stitching detail is gorgeous.

    I look forward to seeing the vessel too...the colors created by the heat is stunning...what fun. I haven't heard of metal fabric before, how neat!

    Jackson Browne still looks wonderful! Lucky YOU to enjoy seeing him in concert! He is a favorite of mine too, along with James Taylor, Neil Young, Van Morrison and more!

    I'll be by to visit you again. Have a nice weekend! ~Lisa ;-)

  17. Hi Maggi,
    It's always so frustrating when internet connections refuse to work!
    Did you hand dye your fabric?
    Lovely stitching.x

  18. Great work Maggi, the 2 quilts are stunning.I have always thought I would get more stuff done if I just left the computer alone

  19. I have never got round to trying twin needles but I have seen work done using this technique at some of the big embroidery exhibitions and I must say the work was most impressive. The trouble is that does one blog, garden or sew in one's limited spare time!?

  20. Hi Maggi - the online class piece looks fabulous, but I must say I love the 'metal' piece - the textures look yummy! Hope your internet is still behaving.


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