Sunday, 31 May 2009

I won a quilt!

I had a wonderful surprise last week when I received a telephone call from Ros telling me that I had won the Jacob's Ladder raffle quilt that had been made to raise funds for Viva a Vida, a charity that helps the street children in Brazil. I came over quite emotional as so many people worked on the quilt and it was made by hand and machine quilted. It will certainly be treasured. Although it arrived at my door on Wednesday I had to wait until Thursday to see it as I was out and so the postie took it back to the sorting office where I went post-haste (no pun intended) on Thursday morning. The next two photographs are of some of the ladies who made the blocks (from Ros's blog with her permission) and me with the quilt. Not a brilliant picture of the quilt I am afraid as I had to get the computer to take it for me and I couldn't get far enough away to hold it out fully!

I have managed to get my Spring Blooms quilt finished that I showed in the last post and it is now packaged up waiting to be posted tomorrow. I can't say where it is going to as unlike some swaps we only get the name of the person to whom we are sending our quilt.

Also packaged up are two small bags that I made up this week having seen Patsy Thompson's tutorial on her blog. One is for a friend who is now living in France and whose birthday was on Friday - she's used to me being late. I made is slightly shorter and added a lining but was really pleased with how easily it goes together. I may even make one for myself at some stage.

A couple of years ago I decided to risk putting up some bird feeders (those of you who share your homes with cats know why I considered this to be a risk) and as the last few days have been so hot I thought it was time that I gave the poor things something to drink so I went out and bought a bird bath. Were they grateful - not at all, they haven't been anywhere near it yet. Here it is looking very lonely. I will just have to wait and see how long it takes for them to find it.

Now it just so happens that the route to the garden centre goes past my local quilting shop Quiltessential. Fortunately they were closed when I went but of course when I came back they were open so I couldn't just drive past could I?

Happy sewing



  1. Well done Maggi! Lovely fabric you liberated from the quilt show too!

  2. Lucky Maggi! What a great quilt you won!
    I absolutely adore how you did the handbag. I love the fabrics, and it's "art quilt-y" feel. Nice. Very nice.

  3. Congratulations on winning the lovely quilt,and more fabric, I do not think I will ever get through all mine but still i buy or dye more.

  4. What a lovely surprise - the quilt is very uplifting with all those lovely colours. I love the bag. You will find that the birds will take a little while to get used to the birdbath, but will then entertain you with their antics in it. Enjoy your fabric goodies!

  5. Wow you lucky girl Maggi :o) And what a lovely bright quilt too. I like your little bag too - and your swap quilt which I was sorry I decided not to join...but I will be joining the next one :o)

  6. What a lovely quilt for a lovely lady, Maggi- How nice that the quilt is going to someone who appreciates all the work and will love it.Congratulations on your win.
    Very nice handbag- lucky friend who is going to own it- You do such beautiful work.

  7. Gosh, how lucky are you to win that amazing quilt of many colours - congratulations! Your bag is delightful too; thanks for the link - I may have a go at that sometime.


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