Monday, 1 June 2009

A quick update

In my rush to get the blog done last night I completely forgot that I had not included the postcard that I had received from Angela as a 'prize' for helping her to name her Rhapsody quilt. Many apologies Angela but it is here now. It has beautiful colours and the flower in the bottom corner is made of Tyvek with a beaded centre. Thank you so much.

I have also just been out taking advantage of the glorious weather to take flower photos. This chap was not invited! I didn't realise that he was arriving until I had taken the photo and as it was hard enough getting the flowers to remain still in the wind, there he will remain.

Sunny sewing



  1. Lovely postcard and I just love watching bees disappearing up inside the foxglove flowers. I can't get them to grow in our garden and have sown seeds, bought and planted ready grown plants, but they just will not reseed for me.

  2. The bee just makes that photograph.
    I love the postcard too.

  3. Great postcard! And I love these flowers and your picture. I agree with "The weaver of Grass", and the bee compliments this image!

  4. Hi Maggi...your postcard from Angela is lovely. I have been enjoying the glorious weather lately too. Love your foxglove photo with the bee!

    What a thrill to win the Jacob's Ladder quilt...what a treasure. The bag you made is wonderful and I'm sure your friend will cherish it. Nice bird bath too...give them time...they will find it!

    Your photos are great...the lake is gorgeous and the tree is just amazing. Your quilts are just beautiful, Maggi...I love them all!

    Hope the sun is shining on you...happy stitching! ~Lisa ;-)

  5. It's a lovely postcard, and I enjoyed the picture.

  6. Nice to meet a fellow blogger in Derbyshire!

  7. Hi Maggi, I got one too, they are great arent they. She is so clever our Angela. Cant wait to see her Quilt finished at the show.

  8. I think it is a bonus to get an insect of some kind in the picture with the flowers. I love foxgloves but don't have any in my garden. I visit my neighbor's garden and see hers.

  9. Congratualtions on winning. I'll know where to come when I need a special name. I'm no good at choosing a suitable one.
    That photo of the foxglove and the wasp is fantastic.


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