Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Replacements done.

I have finally managed to finish the pieces that were stolen in the post and now, having sent them by a tracker service I know that they have arrived. A little more expensive but I feel it is worth it for the peace of mind. Neither is a replica of the original as I couldn't duplicate the fabrics but I like them both anyway.

This is the Spring Blooms swap that went to Valerie in France

and this is the replacement bag for my friend, also in France.

After spending hours at my machine on my Festival of Quilts entry I was really in need of a bit of hand sewing. As usual I appear to be unable to do things in moderation.

My postcard for Kim in the Popular Patchwork 'Gardens' swap

The beginnings of my Quilting Gallery Summertime swap. I have almost finished the applique since this photo was taken.

... and another Little Gem. I now have sore fingers, hand quilters out there will know what I mean, but I have found it so relaxing.

I did have to resort to the machine for July's Journal Quilt in Popular Patchwork which was sunprinting as I didn't want to get too far behind. (I think the proliferation of birds in my garden at the moment is inspiring me)

If any of you who read this are going to the Festival of Quilts on either the Thursday or Saturday, I will be on the Little Gems stand - Thurs 12 - 2 and Saturday 10 - 12 and would love to meet you if you fancy saying hello.

Until then, happy sewing.



  1. I love your comment about being unable to do things in moderation! I sometimes have that problem also. Your replacement projects look just wonderful.

  2. Your replacement quilts are gorgeous, as are your other pieces. I am madly in love with your piece with the birds...stunning!
    Moderation is over rated (laughing)!

  3. Moderation? What's that? Oh Maggie - we all suffer from trying to do too much (and in my case, too quickly). Enjoy the Quilt Show.

  4. Maggi, The pieces are all wonderful..you are so nice to make them a second time!!! Have fun at FOQ...wish I could meet you there!!

  5. I love your quilts.
    i am going to the NEC, sadly though it won't be until the Sunday

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. Another lovely collection of quilts and I am glad they have got to their destination safely this time. I love the colours in the bird quilt, beautiful

  7. All very beautiful work! Love the little 'Gem'quilt!

  8. What a nice thing to do to make replacement gifts. They are both really lovely.
    Have a terrific time at the quilt show. You do such beautiful work.

  9. What a stunning post Maggi - every one of these pieces is wonderful. No wonder your fingers are sore. I know what you mean by being unable to do things in moderation. When the force is with you, you just have to keep going!

  10. Your work is so beautiful and inspirational, Maggi!
    Great job!

  11. Your replacement projects are wonderful. I love the quilt. Of course I love the first one as it reminded me of crazy quilt blocks and I love to crazy quilt! I also like what you did with the post card. Your work is just wonderful. Glad the replacements made it this time.

  12. Hi maggi! I'm hoping to catch you on Saturday at the FOQ.

  13. I just love the patch work quilt with the circles! Just stunning. The bird quilt is gorgeous too. Well they all are. I've just started keeping up with your blog and didn't know your Spring Blooms items were lost, how heart breaking. I'm going to rethink insurance on mailed items form now on.

  14. I love your sun printing and I am in awe of all those french knots!

  15. I am so far behind in reading blogs, but I love these quilts. Very pretty, the new applique is interesting.

  16. These pieces are all beautiful! I'm glad I've found your blog. And now I'm off to see more of the Little Gems ....

  17. Maggi, your work is always beautiful. I'm amazed by how much you manage to do.

  18. Beautiful work Maggi...how sad that some of your pieces are lost.
    I especially love the white birds - just wonderful.
    Wish I could have seen you at the FOQ, hope it went well.
    Linda x

  19. I hope to come and see you on Thursday.
    Wonderful work shown in this post. I must admit I would not have been as keen doing them second time round, but these are lovely.


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