Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Festival of Quilts photos and a postcard.

Just a quick blog with some photos before I go to work.

Mother Earth, winner of Art Quilts by Helen Godden of Australia. Black fabric with the image painted in bleach and then beautifully machine quilted.

A selection from the exhibition '20 years in Switzerland, Belgium and Hungary'

Imilchil. Nicole Glorie of Belgium

To burst into bloom - bloom - to wither. Therese Peter of Switzerland

Elegantie. Therese Keppens of Belgium

Seren Fechan. Group quilt by Gwenfai Rees Griffiths and Mandy Parks

Flora's Feathers by Eugenie

Sylvia's bridal sampler - My journey with Sylvia . Anna Ida Rokeness, Norway

From Judy Bowker's exhibition

I also met Angela for the first time. Here she is in alongside of her beautiful Autumn Glow, and it really does glow against that dark background.

There were so many quilts to see and I took loads more photos, far too many to include here.

I also received a postcard from Jan this morning as part of the Popular Patchwork Hearts swap. Her trusty workhorse died on her recently, hence the very original idea. Thanks Jan.

I may be missing for a few days as my current internet connection goes down on the 29th and I don't get my new one until September 1st. Also I have pulled a back muscle which is making sitting at the computer very uncomfortable. I even had to sleep sitting up last night as it was too painful to lie down. I think this could have been down to carrying heavy bags round the FOQ so I only have myself to blame.

Until next time, happy sewing.



  1. Bernina - you can't beat it - I don't know what I would do if mine died. (Buy another, I suppose) Love all of those quilts especially the one from Norway.

  2. Do hope your back is soon better Maggi. Those quilts are all wonderful - so varied - but I think Helen Godden's Mother Earth is amazing. It is beautiful - so unusual and simply stunning. A very worthy winner.

  3. Hi Maggi, Looks like you had a good time at the foq. Shame about your back though, hope it's better very soon.

  4. Take care of your back. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in Birmingham

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Hi Maggi - Your pix are stunning but Helen Godden's Quilt is my favourite of all, I must admit. The magic she creates with bleach was just amazing.
    Hope your back gets better soon - give it a rest .........!

  6. I couldn't go to the I'm very grateful for your photos!
    Take care of your back.

  7. Look after your back Maggi. The quilts are all stunning, but I agree with Heather, Helen Godden's quilt is quite incredible. Cheers, Robin

  8. Thanks for sharing your pix...they are awesome. What fun to meet Angela and see her quilt in person...I have followed her progress on it on her blog.

    Sorry to hear about your back and hope it feels better soon.

  9. Thanks for the great pics! Must've been a wonderful show!


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