Friday, 9 October 2009

In between the studies

Today I received the Summertime quilt from my swap partner Meg Haskins in North Carolina. This is Meg's first time in a swap and she chose to do a piece from 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, which is, I think my most favourite book of all time. Thank you so much Meg, I love it.

It also came in a beautiful hand-painted hessian bag. The cardinal is the state bird of North Carolina and the Pine is the state tree. I was actually very relieved when the postman knocked on the door this morning, (even though he caught me in disarray, having just stepped out of the shower) as we are having postal problems in the UK at the moment.

I managed to get two more blocks done for the curved log cabin hanging that I mentioned in the last post. This is now another UFO that needs quilting.

If you scrolled down far enough you may have noticed that I have a button for Paula Storm's BOM 'It's a Hoot'. I have just finished the second one of these and decided that I would make small hangings from them. They are simply fused onto Pelmet vilene and edged with satin stitch. A lovely addition to my kitchen. These are lovely little designs that are really handy to sit and do in the evening, or even at work during my break. Paula is one of the 'Among the Gum Trees' designers and if you have not yet checked out their site yet, do pay them a visit, either through the link here or the button on my side bar.

Finally the second pincushion which will be going to my cousin on Sunday for her birthday. Both sides.

The Greek continues apace and my first assignment is due in on the 15th so that is all for now.

Enjoy your sewing wherever you are.



  1. Maggi - that pinchushion is exquisite - what a lot of work has gone into it. Have a good weekend.

  2. Another beautiful pincushion, I could look at it for hours. I love the colour of the fabric you have chosen for the blocks, very pretty

  3. The pincushions are wonderful - I love the colours you have used. The 'hooty' quiltlets are such fun and I love the one with it's own painted hessian bag. What a great idea. Good luck with the Greek. I learned French and German at school, but any language with a different alphabet must be much harder.

  4. The pincushions are wonderful...where did you get the pattern for them?

  5. Oh Maggi, What a thrill to see my designs being made by someone else! I love what you did with them and your pincushion is devine!! I actually just made a fabric pincushion the same to go on my arm chair caddy that I finally got around to making this morning :)
    I will be setting up a flicker page next week and would love to put your pic up if thats ok. I hope you like the next 2 as well!
    Hugs Paula

  6. love the wonky log cabin top. I love black and bright together.

    the pin cushion is fabulous, so much work.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. echoing all the thoughts about the lovely pincushion.
    i 'met' a cardinal in a cemetery in Ohio. so red it practically glowed in the dark!

  8. I've just been catching up with your blog Maggi...there are so many great things to look at. The pincushion is exquisite; I love all that detail. And I can't believe you're learning Greek; it must be one of the hardest languages to learn...respect!

  9. Your curved log cabin is great - interesting colours and shapes. I'd like to do one but I'm a bit wary of the curves.


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