Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Workshop overload.

I haven't had much time to blog of late as I have had four workshops in the last ten days, plus a friend visiting from France so I could not get to my computer which was in her bedroom. I will try to keep this short and 'photofull'.

I went to a workshop with Ferret 10 days ago and spent the most of the time cutting out tiny skinny triangles to produce this:-

It needs a little more quilting adding to cover the few spots where the background shows through and then the binding added. I like the effect but not a technique I think that I will try again in a hurry.

Last Saturday I went to a workshop with Barbara Chainey and Chris Franses called Walking Round in Circles. What a fun day and the really good thing about this technique is that it is when the circles are sewn together it is finished, no edges to bind etc.. If ever you get chance to attend one of their workshops do go as they are both great teachers. This will eventually be a table runner when I get time to do some more blocks. First of all the wrong side.

And then the right side.

We even got a free template to do the circles with which came in very useful for the cake that was produced in the afternoon - a Wedgewood plate no less. I meant to add a photo of the plate but my camera battery has just gone on charge. I have just added the link to their site and checked it out and the photo of the workshop is on the home page!!

On Monday and Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a couple of workshops with Janice Gunner at my local quilt shop Quiltessential. The first one was curved log cabin. We all managed to finish one block although on person managed two as she had lost her voice and could not chat. The blocks are here together in all their shapes, sizes and colours.

... and this is a picture of my block. I am thinking of making two more and turning it into a wall hanging.

The second workshop was machine quilting so there are no photos as it was all practice and samples. Again Janice is an excellent teacher and I certainly recommend her workshops.

I am currently taking part in a postcard swap with Popular Patchwork. This round is entitled Under the Sea. This is my card from Helen which is of very beautiful Jelly fish.

This is the one that I sent to my partner Irene. The mosaic effect was a technique that I learned in a workshop with Barbara Weeks quite a few years ago.

Finally I will leave you with a Biscornu pincushion that is a project from last month's Stitch magazine. I had intended that it should be a birthday present for my cousin but I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself and make her another one as her birthday is not until October 10th. I think I may have had a deprived childhood as I have never had a pincushion before and didn't realise just how useful they were.

I now have lots more sewing to do, many blogs to catch up with and Classical Greek to learn so if you drop by and make a comment it may take me a while to acknowledge it but be assured it will be read.

Happy sewing



  1. Maggi, I love your swan, but I think I would find the technique heavy going. I am fascinated by your circles and have been trying to work out how they were made :) Beautiful. You have had three great courses in a short time. As I'm a 'curves' person I love your block.

  2. Wow you have been busy! Love it all, the pin cushion, the circles, the swan, the curved log cabin. I see lots of new ideas that I would like to try if I could just figure them out! Thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW Maggi... I didn't know when to stop drooling! You have been incredibly busy, and have produced some astoundingly beautiful work!

    I started dabbling in fibre/textiles art a while back but haven't yet even scratched the surface of all the amazing techniques, or products out there. I have made some lovely silk paper and a couple of postcards, and done a felting workshop... but then *other* things kind of took over! :-)

    I love your inspirational blog!
    Hugs! Vikki xx

  4. Love what you've done in the workshops.
    I did an applique workshop with Barbara Chainey and she is fantastic. So generous with her time.

    Good luck with the Greek

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. OOoooo!!! A very lucky lady! You've made some fantastic pieces and I'm sure learnt some very useful techniques. I especially like the circles - DH has designed a quilt for me full of them that I've been putting off as I'm not keen on sewing curves, but these are wonderful! :)

  6. Wow Maggi you sure have been very busy. Some beautiful work and interesting workshops.

  7. Super post Maggi - no wonder you are tired! The swan is beautiful and I love the pincushion - they are hard to part with aren't they?! All the workshops sound so interesting and I'm not a quilter, though I have dabbled. Love the curvy logcabin designs.

  8. My God you have been busy. I love everything, but that pincushion is out of this world. Great job!

  9. Hi Maggi,
    You have been busy following those wonderful workshops. Compliments for what you produced.
    The curved log cabin is very intriguing and challenging to do.
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. at I would have the patience :-) you have certainly been very busy ( quite jealous really) I have never found the time to take a day course and now I really think I should.

  11. My goodness you have been busy ! It all looks so wonderful , take care .

  12. great blog..... you can be sure i'll visit and again and again.

  13. Thanks Mags. If you are going to be at your exhibition on the 30th I can explain the circles. Maggi

  14. Maggi how many wonderful works.I understand why you was busy.
    ciao ciao

  15. Your swan is wonderful. It looks like you need a lot of patience to make such a beautiful piece.

  16. I loved seeing all the pictures of your workshops. You are a very busy artist, I bet that your brain is now on overload thinking how to use all these new techniques in yor own creations. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love the pincushion Maggi! I will try and get a copy of the magazine over here if I can. If not, will you let me know if you can get me one over there?? Thanks. x


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