Sunday, 22 November 2009


Studying is taking up most of my time at the moment but I have managed to do some sewing along the way.

As I, and the rest of my shift, will be working over the whole of Christmas I thought it would be a nice idea to make some cones to fill with goodies to eat while we are are at work. They don't photograph too well as they are rather glitzy and obviously have to be sewn up but I think that you will get the idea.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a peg loom weaving workshop at the Threshing Barn. Not only was the workshop good but we had a wonderful home-made lunch in the farmhouse. The piece has yet to be finished but it will be!

And finally I have just got the setting triangles onto the curved pinwheel quilt. It's a little foreshortened in the photo as it is longer than the available space on my design wall. I now have to decide whether the next border should be with whole blocks ...

... or half blocks?

Any opinions will be noted.

I do apologise for not commenting on many of your blogs lately, be assured that I have been reading.

Happy sewing



  1. I love that yarn you've used, really textural and beautiful colours

  2. Your Christmas cones are a lovely idea and I'm sure they'll be very well received - they are looking very festive already. The peg loom weaving colours are gorgeous and those textures are wonderful. As for the quilt - I'm no use at all as I like both options but I'm sure someone will offer you some intelligent advice.

  3. The peg loom weaving looks exciting. I have a loom myself but have hardly used it. I saw one in action at Harrogate yesterday and it inspired me again so I shall have to look mine out. I like the chunky look on the big peg looms.

  4. Love the cones idea. May have to copy that..if thats OK!!!
    I know you are really busy Maggi, no worries, you juts try to keep up with all the work, thats whats important. We know you are about. We are all watching you with great interest too.
    Take care
    Jan x

  5. those cones are going to be really pretty - what a nice idea. I love your peg loom piece - gorgeous yarns (and looking at an earlier post, I wish I was closer to go to your "Threshing Barn", I certainly wouldn't be leaving empty handed!)
    Your curved pinwheel is stunning - I like both border options, but I think I like the full blocks a little better? although the half blocks are cool, too...I don't think if I've been much help...

  6. The Christmas cones are a great idea. I can picture making some to fill up with goodies for other occasions, too. A great idea.

    I like the whole block border. Love the piece even without a border.

  7. Meggie, your cones are very nice, I think I will try to do one or more.

    For the blocks I prefer the second border.

    ciao, ciao

  8. Your cones are just lovely, and I do like the second border too!

  9. Hi Maggi, Once again you have inspired me to try something different. I had never heard of a peg loom, and while searching to find out about them, I came across the idea of using an empty picture frame as the base for my weaving. SO, I now have a small piece warped up and am going to start using some of the wools that I bought to use with my needle-felting machine....I haven't enjoyed it as much as I had hoped.
    Anyway....thanks for the inspiration!!!

  10. The cones are a lovely idea..I'd like to see a picture of them full of the goodies!

  11. Hi Maggi,
    I love your black quilt- the colors are gorgeous. I love how you use different mediums to express your ideas and creativity.
    I think a colorful border would be nice as long as it was not too large- you do not want to take away from the beautiful central medallion.
    Warmest regards,

  12. I love your things. What's a peg loom?


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