Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Loss of direction

I had a lovely surprise in the post today, my PIF gift from Jan. It is a beautiful trapunto quilted bag and postcard. Thanks so much Jan, I really love it. I will be announcing my PIF in the new year.

On a non-creative theme, I do try to shop local but unfortunately my local independent health food shop has been taken over by Holland and Barratt. They have stopped stocking most of the items that I used to buy there in favour of their own brand so I have been forced to travel further afield to Ashbourne. I usually  combine a trip there with a visit to replenish supplies at the RSPB shop at Carsington Water which makes it more economical. Yesterday, however, having shopped for the birds and my healthy essentials, I remembered that there is a lovely shop called Equatorial in Ashbourne that I have not visited for some time so, as I had plenty of parking time left, I decided to have a look around. It is one of those shops that only sells Fair Trade ethnic items so I didn't feel too guilty. It was, I should add, the coldest day of the winter so far and as I don't have a warm jacket the temptation to purchase a Nepalese wool jacket was just too great to resist. I think the beautiful patterns also may have had something to do with it.

At least I will be warm (and visible) this winter!

I ought to address the reason for the title of this post I suppose. I feel, at the moment, that I have lost direction in my creative work. I realised that when I decided to try out a Ricky Tims-style kaleidoscope hanging.

This is yet another quilty piece that I have started but is, as yet, unfinished. I have never been one to have loads of UFOs lying around but now they seem to be stacking up. I wonder if this is because I have been leaning towards more pieced items, not something I normally enjoy doing, rather than the art quilts that I do enjoy. It seems like a vicious circle as well because I feel guilty at having unfinished items lying around which prevents me from starting on other designs. Maybe it's just that the days are short and dark. Who knows. I'll be sure to let you know if I get my inspiration back.

Until then I hope that your inspiration is keeping you company.



  1. Hi Maggi,
    Glad you like the Bag. Ohhh that Jacket is just gorgeous, I bet it will be so warm too, I love it. Also the RT Quilt you have done, amazing Maggi, it doesn't hurt to veer off course occasionally, as long as you don't end up like me, masses of UFO's....oh dear. Keep up the good direction of work, I love it.

  2. It always feels like the block is going to last forever. Ignore the UFOs and do what you want - it is meant to be fun - even if that is pieced quilts. Love the star and the bag looks amazing

  3. Lovely bag, and lovely jacket!

    What is that, anyway, with feeling blocked? I feel like I'm on a roller coaster with that all the time. Grrrrr. Sometimes I think you can just work through it, by picking up anything and trying to move along. Other times it seems to linger no matter what. So aggravating. Hope it passes quickly for you, Maggi!

  4. Its so nice to read a blog with places mentioned that I know....we are frequent visitors to Carsington and Ashbourne (may have to look out for 'Equatorial' on my next visit - that coat looks COSY!)
    Your bag is delightful; you must be very pleased with it.

    Linda x

  5. lovely PIF gifts - incredible quilting on that bag. Love your new warm jacket, too! I wouldn't worry too much about being blocked, or creating UFOs - time has a way of balancing it all out, and you'll get back in your groove. If the UFOs won't be getting finished or are starting to bother you - give them away! Always someone willing to take on a new project out there!

  6. It'll be when you get your inspiration back, it's just having a little rest at the moment. Your jacket is gorgeous.

  7. That jacket is to die for!!! may have to think about an outing soon although I have my eye on the peruvian ones on our Christmas craft market.

  8. I love the jacket and the bag.

    Don't fret over your loss of inspiration. Just go with the flow and soon everything will get back to normal.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. Wonderful the gift swap ....your UFO is "BELLISSIMO"(wonderful) I wait for the end and I think that will be "MERAVIGLIOSO"(amazing).Please finish this work....I'm curious.
    You will be very warm with your jacket.
    ciao ciao

  10. Maggie my inspiration took a hike last summer and is still not back. My cq work is sitting unfinished and I have been getting more interested in artistic endeavours. Maybe I just needed a change and doing something different for awhile will help both you and I get back.

    Your jacket is beautiful.



  11. I'm with FredaB Maggi - you don't have to stitch to feed your soul! I've been trying my hand at watercolours/acrylic/gouache on paper recently, and taking pix of the fantastic sunrises and sunsets we've been having (due to the cold weather?!) All very painterly. I even bought a how to watercolour book from Amazon yesterday - how to use watercolours in a loose fashion. (I'm so uptight with my creativiity you wouldn't believe!) It's all for my sketchbook - I'm sure something stitchable will come out of it - if it doesn't I will have enjoyed the ride......... Happy Christmas luv Val.


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