Sunday, 29 March 2009

Busy and exciting weekend

I found out yesterday that I was the winner of a beautiful little quilt by Geta who does the most amazing machine Trapunto work. I am so thrilled and can't wait for it to arrive. Her blog is just full of eye candy so do try to visit is you haven't already.

Friday evening was the Jackson Browne concert which was awesome. He does not appear to have changed at all over the last 40 years and if anything, in my opinion his work has just got better. The photo is very poor I am afraid but the lighting wasn't really conducive to ordinary photography.

Sunday was also a somewhat emotional day with the opening of this year's F1 season in Melbourne. Although I have been a Ferrari fan all my life I was overcome by the success of the Brawn GP team. They have been through such troubled times and until about two weeks ago there was doubt as to whether they would even be in this year's championship. To come away with Ist and 2nd is an amazing achievement. I think Jenson Button's face says it all.

There has also been some sewing done as I managed to get the postcard finished for a swap with Monica in Australia. I think I am fairly safe in putting a photo up here as she is on holiday in Egypt at the moment so will not get to see it in advance. It was a piece of fabric that I had dyed recently which looked just like a flower garden so I couldn't resist it.

I will either get a lot of sewing done over the next few days or none at all as I am having my fireplace ripped out and a new one out in along with a wood burning stove. It is going to take them three days and although I will be relegated to my sewing room or the computer I think there is also going to be the need for numerous cups of tea and biscuits to keep the workforce sweet. I am not looking forward to the upheaval but I am looking forward to the additional warmth next winter. My main living room is North facing and although it is wonderful when we have a heatwave it can be hard to get really warm on very cold nights. I'll do a before and after pic when they have finished. I will still be able to at least keep up with what all my blogging friends are doing which will be a comfort.

Happy creativity to you all.



  1. Oh! I just love the postcard Maggi - so beautiful and so restful.

  2. The postcard is so pretty...and I am so jealous that you won Geta's giveaway!!!! Lucky you...and congratulations!

  3. Your post card is beautiful! I was drawn right into that hazy field filled with blossoms.

  4. Congrats on winning! I Love your postcard. It is like a photograph was taken.

  5. Love the flower garden postcard. We are being redecorated at present so I can sympathise over the disruption you have too. Never mind, as you say it will be well worth while. I am just going to take a look at Geta's blog on your recommendation.

  6. Lovely pc! Those colours are so hazy as Nellie says.

    I also watched that race and understand exactly what you mean.

  7. The postcard is fantastic..........and congratulations for your win.

    I'm a Ferrari's fan. I live in Monza and so Ferrari forever.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    The wood burning stove sound great.

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your post card whit the flower garden is beautiful! Happy eastern from me in Norway, we start to celebrate it this weekend and its ends at 13 of april. We have the longest eastern holiday in the world.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog Maggi - I bet you are glad to be rid of all that dust etc. I will have lots of tiles to clean next week but it will all look so lovely and fresh, and half the spring cleaning will be done!

  11. I like your blog!
    The post card really is beautiful! I look forward to coming back and admiring your creations and reading your posts!

  12. Maggi what a beautiful postcard - I love the colours :o)

    So you're an F1 fan too? Wasn't it an unusual race today - I know I wouldn't have wanted to be out in that torrential rain!



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