Monday, 9 March 2009

It's not just about flowers.

In my last two posts I showed some flower pieces that I had done as a result of Beth Wheeler's Altered Photo Artistry II online course. This has been an excellent course and having done smaller pieces she showed how to create the lovely scaled up versions that she makes. I have done one, again manipulated in Photoshop and have printed it out on fabric ready to to do the stitching onto it. This one is 24" x 11". I am showing it here as it is because if anyone has been thinking about Beth's course the next one starts March 27th. She is an excellent teacher, always ready to answer questions and make suggestions and I would thoroughly recommend one of her courses. If you are not sure and want to know which on might be the most suitable for you you can always contact her and ask her advice.

This next one is only at the experimental stage and has not yet been printed as I am still playing and having so much fun.

Thanks Beth

I am now going to start stitching so hopefully I will be able to post the finished piece eventually.

Be creative.


PS. If you do decide to do one of Beth's courses would you please mention my name. Thank you.


  1. Ooooh, Maggi - I'm loving this! I'm going to sign up for the Ghost Images at FOQ...I wonder if it's anything like this? Oh No! I've just been on there and it's sold out!!! I'll phone them and see if they've held any back for non internet users.

  2.'s completely sold out - they had over 100 hits/calls in 10 minutes for this class! Never mind, I'll look for something else :o(

  3. Maggi,
    the work you're doing is really great. I think the Photoshop course is so interesting and useful!
    ciao, ciao

  4. Two very different designs - can't wait to see what you do with them. It all sounds very interesting but quite beyond me as I am still getting the hang of a laptop!

  5. Oh what gorgeous things! Like I needed any more ideas.....

  6. Hello Maggi,
    I do love your tulip embroidery.
    Best wishes
    Michala x


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