Monday, 23 March 2009

Where does the time go to?

I can't believe that it is two weeks since the last post. They say that time goes by faster when you get older and if that is true then I must be reaching my second century. One thing I have been very remiss about is not acknowledging the lovely ATC that I received from Heather and also the shimmering postcard from Monica in Australia. I did acknowledge them personally when they arrived but it is so nice to see what other people are making. Thank you both.

I had a major dyeing session last week after finally making a table for the garage which is where I do all my messy work. I had been looking at an 8' x 4' piece of ply for a long time now and debating how to cut it down to a manageable size. Eventually a friend suggested that I use a jig saw but when I opened the drawer to get it out I found a circular saw so three hours and a lot of heaving large pieces of wood about I had my table - nothing special, just functional. I thought I had better show a picture of the garage after getting it all set up and tidy - it certainly doesn't look like that now. Any Mancunians reading this may well recognise the lady on the back wall.

And this is the result of the new table. I decided that I needed some lighter colours and this should keep me going for a while.

I have done some sewing, quite a lot actually, but they have all been journal quilts to try out different techniques ( I seem to remember they used to be called samples) and I have now decided that I need to do something on a larger scale. I have got several ideas and intend to start developing these soon. One that I did like was my first attempt at discharging. This technique has, I feel, a lot to offer.

Going back to the subject of time going quickly I cannot believe that the Jackson Browne concert is this Friday - I have been looking forward to it for so long and it seems to have arrived out of the blue. It will also make for a nice afternoon in Sheffield as an old school friend and I are meeting up to have a meal first.

And finally, Spring has arrived with a vengeance here and we have just had the most beautiful week. Hope you are all enjoying your gardens and your creativity.


  1. Snow like spring was coming for two days, then turned around and changed to winter again..pfff..
    Yummy fabrics Maggi!

  2. You've been busy and that pile of dyed fabric is beautiful. I think I will stop blogging for a couple of weeks so I can get down to some really serious work. Where does the time go to?

  3. I love your hand dyes...they remind me of early spring!!!

  4. Those fabrics are so pretty, and your garage looks like a great place to work. I was reading about your photo altering class, is that an online class? I saw the floral pix before, but don't think I asked about that. It looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Maggi .......
    1) your new sewing room or sewing garage it's very nice. I haven't a sewing room.

    2) the dyes fabrics look wonderful and I like your dove.

    3) enjoy the concert.

    ciao ciao and Happy Spring

  6. I love your hand dyes and you look happily busy! Spring has not arrived here yet. Enjoy it all! I loved the pics!

  7. What a lovely pile of dyed fabrics you have achieved. Hand dyed ones add so much to a quilt or any piece of textile work.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my JQ - really enjoyed looking at your blog and love the paler fabrics. Like the telly tabby too!

  9. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am very impressed that you made your own table. Are you taking commissions?!
    The photoshopped piece is really an accident. I am thinking of attempting to print it out onto fabric so watch this /that space! It looks as though you know a lot more about photoshop than I do.

  10. This pile of dyed fabrics look yummy, I did some for journals the other night.

  11. Hi Maggi - thanks for visiting my blog. This time of the year I don't get much time for textile work but am always very interested. Am just off to a friends house to view some Saskia Weschut work (Netherlands) - when I have time i will send you some information on her work - it is fabulous.

  12. Me again Maggi - if you want a treat for the eyes with textile work then go to the following site - my friend has just returned from The Netherlands and some some of this lady's work - fantastic, well worth a look.

  13. You received some really lovely atcs. Love your dyed fabric - and the discharge turned out great. Have fun at the Jackson Browne concert - that would be great!


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