Monday, 18 August 2008

Lesson One finished also

Having completed the anniversary present I just had to get on with Dale's first lesson as the second one is due any day now. Did most of the samples and then the 'challenge' which I was quite pleased with. Only trouble is that I now have to make a big push with my Open University course as my last assignment is due on Sept. 9th  and my exam on Oct. 7th and I still have the last block to finish - where does the time go?

Strip pieced sample

Embellished felt shapes from the front and the back

Wool, silk and bamboo fibres on scrim

Wool, silk and bamboo fibres on muslin

The finished challenge - background is embellished silk carrier rods (a cheap bag of seconds from Stef Francis) with flowers from a previous sample, beaded centres and I then found some Tyvek bits from a past project which made ideal leaves.


  1. Maggie---Thank you for your kind comments on my blog---you made my day. Looking at your work is encouragement to start my exercises. Susan

  2. Just catching up with what you have been doing Maggie - will work my way upwards. These samples are wonderful - you are obviously not new at this game! Val


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