Friday, 22 August 2008

Tree Hugger is routed

'Tree Hugger' Drew came round this morning to cut my very large hedge - too high for me to do. It all started very well with coffee and chocolate biscuits but a few minutes after he and the boys went round the side to do the beech hedge there was a shout of panic. Thinking he might have fallen off the scaffolding I went out to see all three of them looking horrified at a very  large wasps' nest that he had almost cut into. The wasps were not impressed. After a while they had calmed down enough for him to finish, albeit keeping one eye on where the nest was in case they launched another attack on him!

I spent some time Googling wasps nests this afternoon and it appears that during the winter all of them die except the queen who will then go off an build a new nest in the spring. They do not use the old one again although hover flies have been known to use the abandoned ones. They are not causing me a problem so I have decided to leave them be as it is such a beautiful structure.

After all that activity I have not had much chance to sew or embellish today - just a bit of playing with crystal organza, velvet, the embellisher and my sewing machine. 

Tomorrow has to be my final OU assignment.

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