Thursday, 21 August 2008

Too much time on the computer

I have spent far too much time playing around with. Photoshop Elements and also a trial demo of Photoshop CS3. It's all Maggie Grey's fault as she has been discussing Displacement Maps on her blog and was also showing what Inkaid could do at the FOQ.
I even ended up finding my way onto someone's website to find out what Kind of flower I am - how sad is that!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

Anyway, back to displacement maps - can't even show any results here as I didn't save them as jpeg files. I can however show the next sample I have done on the embellisher course together with the postcard of Brittany which was its inspiration..


  1. What a beautiful postcard Maggie - and your interpretation is just magical!

  2. what a super interpretation - I always wish I could see these works in the flesh


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