Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Well it made me laugh

For all those of you out there who are disappearing under ever-increasing depths of snow, I found this on a couple of TQS blogs today. I had had to walk a mile down to the town to do some urgent shopping, (which turned out to be quite heavy), only to discover that the bus was not going to go up our hill for my return journey - it was too slippery! At least I was able to use it to get up the first hill. I then found this cartoon which made me chuckle so I thought that I would share it with you.

The postman made it, the milkman made it but no sign of the bin men and no sign of anyone filling our grit boxes, which ran out last week. I suppose that all the walking will keep me fit.

Nothing much to show on the creative side except a postcard for the PP swap (another reason for going down to the town today). The subject this month is imaginary holidays. I have always wanted to go to Norway and I would also love to spend time studying wolves so what better imaginary holiday than combining the two?

If you are up for a challenge, why not check out Shelagh Folgate's blog. She did a couple last year and although I was only able to join in with the first it was good fun. You have until the beginning of February to sign up.

Have a good time being creative, and if you are likely to be snowed in, make sure that you have plenty of sewing supplies.


PS. For those of you who are regular readers I have changed the comments setting to moderation but only because that is a quicker way to respond to those of you who are kind enough to leave comments - nothing more sinister than that.


  1. All the buses were stopped here, I couldn't get the boys back today.
    The postcard is beautiful

  2. The cartoon made me laugh too.
    There is also some snow overhere, but that is nothing compared to what has fallen in your neigbourhood.
    Your image of a holiday in Norway is beautiful.

  3. Hi Maggie

    I like the cartoon and your postcard is beautiful.

    I've never realised how inconvenient snow could be. It always looks beautiful but it's amazing to realise how difficult it can be for travel. When it snows here (about once every 3-4 years), the snow rarely settles and even when it does it doesn't even cover the ground. We are much more used to dust, dryness, bushfires with occasional floods.

    Happy stitching. I hope the snow melts soon.

  4. Hi Maggi,
    Great cartoon. That's just how I feel - and so fed up with feeling cold all the time. We've just had another load this evening.
    I love the postcard.
    Ros x

  5. Great cartoon, I like it!
    I am beginning to feel that way too.If it isn't snow it's ice.

  6. The cartoon is hilarious! No snow here in Florida, but it feels like it might! We are getting an odd cold snap that is really annoying to many of us who live here because we can't bear the cooler temps!

    I love the postcard. Gorgeous!

  7. Love the cartoon - the snow is so beautiful but does make the most ordinary things complicated. Your postcard is wonderful. I am trying to tidy my work space so that I can be creative, but making slow progress!

  8. Love the cartoon - very funny and your postcard is great too.

  9. Ha the postcard made me laugh out loud, does not take us long to get fed up does it, roll on the rain .....

  10. Enjoyed the cartoon Maggi :o) And I like your card too. I hope you get to Norway one day, it's beautiful.

  11. I love your postcard and ccartoon! We are all being hit hard by winter and there is more to come, I am afraid.


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