Saturday 28 February 2009

This could become addictive

This is my second flower piece done using Photoshop. It is from a photo of a clematis in my garden. This one is also going to the Little Gems project.

No update on the chimney sweep yet. I have left a message on his mobile and his landline but he has not got back to me - does anyone know any small undernourished boys!!

Thursday 26 February 2009

Parrot tulip

Still waiting for the chimney sweep to ring back, guess I'll have to try again tomorrow now. I did finish the parrot tulip piece though so it was not a wasted day.

February JQ

I am keeping up to speed with the Journal quilts and finished my February one yesterday. This was the result of a Mystery Quilt that I signed up for in January. Having cut all the pieces and made strips for part two, part three had us sewing half square triangles - they gave us the wrong measurements! I am no longer taking part in this but decided to use some of the strip pieces for the JQ. I overdyed them all in yellow-green but it still didn't look too good so I added some bleach and then did some printing and added some Shiva paints. A few dabs of complementary colour and now I feel quite pleased with it.

I wrote at the start of the year that I was going to get to grips with Photoshop so having finished my colour lessons with Ellen Lindner I have signed up for a class with Beth Wheeler through Quilters Keep Learning. Only two lessons done so far but it is really making things so much clearer. Here is a glimpse of a Parrot tulip that I manipulated and have now started to machine quilt. It is A4 size and so I think it is likely to go to the Little Gems appeal. If any of you out there fancy supporting the Quilters Guild of the British Isles do take a look at the Little Gems project - you don't have to be a member to contribute.

That's all for now as I had better get back to sewing and I am also waiting for a chimney sweep to phone me back. I am having a new fireplace and stove fitted on April 1st - no joke- and have to get my chimney swept first. That should be fun.

Happy sewing. Maggi

Thursday 19 February 2009

Thank you

I have a couple of people to say thank you to today for different reasons. Firstly Micki who sent me a beautiful lace bookmark from her giveaway together with an embroidered postcard for a swap we have agreed to do. They will both be treasured and the bookmark will be used a great deal. Thanks Micki, your card will be in the post on Monday.

Secondly Lesley gave me this award last week.

Thank you Lesley. I now have to nominate 3 other Creative blogs, add a link to them here and leave a message on their blog to let them know they have the award. It is not easy choosing only three as all the blogs I follow would qualify but, in the spirit of the award I have chosen:-

Donna - a fibre artist from Canada who creates beautiful pieces and also has recently posted pictures of her new puppy on her blog - he is so cute.

Micki - an America now living in Ireland. She does beautiful embroidered work as well as a host of other hand work.

Sandra - a dyer and quilter from West Yorkshire. Her blog is both colourful and inspirational.

Do visit these blogs and check them out.

Today's blog is short as I am under pressure to get something finished for Saturday. Will post about that when it is finally finished.

Take care to all my readers

Monday 9 February 2009

Thinking of you in Australia

To all Australians who are caught up in the horror of the fires, may you and your loved ones be kept safe.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

January JQ

I know that it is the start of February but I have finished my January Journal Quilt for the Contemporary Quilt Group at last. The format this year is 6" x 12" which I have found is a really comfortable size to work with. There is no theme we have to work to so my initial thoughts are to explore Photoshop - although that may change. I had a piece of hand dyed fabric that I wanted to use for something and it was just the right size for this project - less than an inch leeway on either side. My Hippeastrum that I showed a bud of in an earlier post had just came out so I decided to play around with that in Photoshop for a while and eventually came up with the placement. The one aspect of this that I agonised over for some time was the quilting. I loved the fabric so much that I didn't want to detract from it so I eventually decided on a complete contrast to the organic feel to the piece and go with straight lines. I am happy with the result fortunately.

This is the Hippeastrum in full bloom - all four flowers were 7" across when fully open.

Like everyone else over here we've had our fair share of snow overnight. I spent two hours clearing the drive this morning ready for going to work on Thursday morning only to discover that more is forecast. Perhaps I should explain that I live in a cul de sac the start of which is a steep hill. My drive is also on a slope. We never get gritted and getting out is as hazardous as getting in as you literally slide down to the junction at the bottom. There have been several occasions when I have had to leave the car somewhere at the bottom. I don't have the option of a day off on Thursday if it is bad so will have to brave the elements at 5.30 am and hope for the best.

This is what I was watching last night and believe it or not there are normally hills beyond the roof in the photo.