Wednesday 22 September 2010


Do you have fluffy lethargic greenfinches in your garden? If you do the chances are that they have a disease called Trichomonosis which is caused by a parasite. It has decimated an otherwise healthy population in my garden and apparently is rife across the country. This is a link to the RSPB page which provides information on what happens and what you can do to stop it spreading.

Sunday 19 September 2010

A much shorter post

is on my other blog here

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Catching up

There is another post on my Wordpress blog.  I almost forgot to add the link via this blog but you can always subscribe by email ( see the link on the sidebar of my other blog) which means that you will get an email every time I publish a new post. For those of you who follow me regularly you know that you will, therefore, NOT be inundated with emails. Incidentally have you all come across the way in which Google reader can be customised? It  means that you can read any new posts on Blogger blogs that you follow really easily and quickly and you are able to have the comments available too? Thanks to Jackie of Dog Daisy Chains I have whittled down the time I spend looking for new posts by a lot by following this tutorial. I may be preaching to the converted but it is new to me and I like anything that saves me time.