Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Do you have fluffy lethargic greenfinches in your garden? If you do the chances are that they have a disease called Trichomonosis which is caused by a parasite. It has decimated an otherwise healthy population in my garden and apparently is rife across the country. This is a link to the RSPB page which provides information on what happens and what you can do to stop it spreading.


  1. How sad and horrible - thanks for letting us all know about this. I shall keep a look out for any birds which look affected by the disease.

  2. We don't see too many greenfinches around here so I wouldn't be able to tell a good from an ill one. What a shame though.

  3. We don't see many grenfinches here either, but how sad. It's a pity they can't let everyone know what to do to stop the spread. We get enough rubbish in our newspapers which could be replaced by something helful like this! Off my soap box :)

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