Thursday, 9 April 2009

Geta's giveaway received

I received my little quilt from Geta's giveaway yesterday and am thrilled with it. It is so pretty and it is really good to see her work in the flesh.

I also received a really cute postcard from Kim as part of the Popular Patchwork swap. The theme was 'Family' and the three figures are holding a little quilt which is actually separate from the main body of the card. Thank you Kim.

Popular Patchwork are also doing a monthly Journal Quilt project in which a different technique is used each month. I took out my subscription too late for the January one so had to order the back copy - don't want to end the year with only 11, that would seem like an unfinished project. January's was using Bondaweb.

Not much more done since the last post as I am back at work until Sunday morning and I now have to get on the phone to Bernina to try to sort out the order that they got wrong! I ordered one of the plexiglass sewtables so that I could have a bigger area on which to do my quilting and was thrilled when it also arrived yesterday. Can you imagine my disappointment when I opened it to find that they had sent one that did not fit my machine. It arrived really quickly as well so just hope that I can get it resolved as quickly.

Until next time, happy creativity.


PS - have to give credit to Bernina, a three minute phone call and it was all sorted. They are delivering the correct one on Tuesday and collecting the wrong one. Lovely lady at the other end of the phone too.


  1. Wow Maggi what a gorgeous piece of work!! you are very lucky!!

  2. Maggi you are a very lucky girl.
    Happy Easter and ciao ciao

  3. Lucky you...I am still jealous! Maybe now you can figure out how she does it and make me one? lol

    Love your January art work and the postcard is pretty too. Such talent on such a small area.

  4. Geta's giveaway quilt is so beautiful, she is very clever. The postcard is fun and the other little quilt. Glad you got your machine extension sorted out so quickly.

  5. Hi Maggi. I love Geta's piece. Can you tell how it was done....was it painted, appliqued, or what? I have been thinking about a whole-cloth type of quilt (maybe with a painted or dyed background) and I found this little piece intriguing.

    Your journal quilt is great too. I love how the quilting adds so much texture.

  6. Both the giveaway quilt and journal quilts are spectacular.

  7. Love your Journal Quilt Maggi - look forward to seeing more ... and lucky you winning Gerta's little quilt. Beautiful free machine quilting.

  8. Love that little quilt card Maggi.
    Glad to hear you had good service from Bernina - you can't beat them.

  9. Lucky you a lovely quilt to win,have a very Happy Easter

  10. Maggi your journal quilt is wonderful! Gorgeous colours!

    I'm so jealous of your win - you're very lucky... I wonder if I would ever manage to make something as beautiful!

  11. I really like the monthly journal quilt with its vibrant colors and shapes. I never would have thought of making just one small one a month to try a new technique. Doesn't seem quite as overwhelming that way!
    Congrats on winning Geta's giveaway. It's a beauty!

  12. Maggi, I just got caught up on your blog! I like your new fireplace. And as usual all your art work is wonderful. How do you dye your fabrics? Donna


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