Monday, 20 April 2009

Sculpted Surprises

I had a wonderful day at the Beetroot Tree on Sunday at the workshop. We were working with metal fabric which can be used in so many different ways. There are different weights and types such as copper, pewter and bronze, all of which can be used as they are or burnished with heat to create beautiful surfaces. I decided to use the medium fine stainless steel fabric. As you can see from this photo it doesn't look like anything special.

Until you hold it over a camping gas stove and then the magic starts.

This next picture shows the same fabric with Lutrador, added, stitched and burnt back and with the beginning of the stitching. It will eventually be a small three-petalled vessel but has quite a way to go yet.

The day was mainly spent making samples of different ways the fabrics can be used and then in the afternoon we started on the vessel, hence it did not get finished.

If ever you get the chance to take a workshop at The Beetroot Tree I can recommend it. It is in the heart of the old village of Draycott, converted from an old barn. The surroundings are beautiful and it is a very relaxing place to go - even if you just want to browse, have a coffee or visit one of the many exhibitions that are held there. The lunches, which are included in the workshop fee are excellent, vegetarian which is great for me and other dietary requirements can be catered for. The sun was shining all day and at lunchtime we wandered in the garden which now boasts three chickens who come up to say hello and talk to you - or at least it seemed to me like they were talking!

I was able to pick up the piece of Alysn's work that I had bought from the current exhibition and had said I would show you a photo of it. Unfortunately I have just gone down to do it and it is too dark and the flash does it no favours. I will try again tomorrow in the daylight.

On the downside, my car failed its MOT today so I had to leave it at the garage and get the bus back home. I was really annoyed as the things it has failed on are all related to the many potholes that have appeared in our roads over here since we had the severe weather earlier in the year. I don't think my bank manager is going to be too impressed when he sees how much it is going to cost. I would love to be able to do without a car but it is just not practical so I will just have to cough up when I pick it up tomorrow. Until then I will just enjoy stitching - good job I don't need to buy any new supplies.

Enjoy your creative time.



  1. Wow. I want to play with metal now - the effects are amazing!

    Hope the car isn't TOO horrifying when you get the bill, if you are like me you would rather buy crafty supplies than car parts!

  2. That workshop sounds fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing your vessel and the piece you bought. Hope your car behaves itself for a long time to come after you get it back. They are a necessary evil aren't they?!!

  3. Hi Maggi

    The metal fabric looks and sounds amazing. I've never heard of it before.

    I hope your car is soon fixed and back on the road.

  4. I had never heard of metal fabric or this kind of textile art before, either. I can't believe you can actually sew through it! And I love the range of color the heat produces.
    Glad you enjoyed the workshop.
    Sorry about your car. It's always seems like it's one thing or another with automobiles. Hope you get by paying less than you think you will have to.

  5. Uauu Maggi,
    I had never seen and heard about this technique.
    I wait to see....
    I hope your car feel better soon. At the moment is like a Ferrari.
    ciao ciao

  6. I have used Lutradur, and love the effect of it.

  7. Hi there Maggi, looks and sounds very interesting. Love the way this fabric changes! Gotta go and check it out!
    Hope you will get your car back in good health. Would not know what to do without mine
    We do not have that car test here. You should see what's out on the road and still

  8. This is beautiful Maggi and the addition of the Lutradur makes it even more exciting.

  9. This is so are always coming up with something new and fun to do. I haven't heard of this type of quilt art or the lutradur. I am excited to see your vessel when it is finished. Will you be able to finish it yourself or need more class?

  10. Sounds like a great workshop - the photos are lovely. I especially like the second amazing is that effect!

  11. Aren't the colours and shapes gorgous? Putting it with the lutradur is a brilliant idea and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  12. The magic is definitely there Maggi - look forward to seeing your vessel. Love the stitching in the piece you bought too!

  13. The workshop sounds good and the result looks even better.

  14. OH lucky you getting to have a workshop with Alysn!!!! Beautiful results!


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