Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Limits and Resistance

As promised last night I have managed to get some reasonable pictures of the piece that I bought. They are not the best I have ever taken as it is mounted on very dark grey perspex so difficult to photograph. It is actually darker than it appears in the pictures. The title of the piece is Limits and Resistance.

This close up shows the detail of some of the stitching.

This is a close up of one of the square on the left hand side. They all have images of a figure stitched on them. A bit blurred I'm afraid.

It is hanging above my new fireplace and is likely to be the last thing I buy for a while as I got the car back today and now it is me that is broke!

Happy stitching



  1. Very interesting piece. Is it made with the metal fabrics also? What are the little pill-like forms on the quilt? I love the quilting.

  2. WOW! So beautiful. Stitches, background and all. I love the special color effects. Where can a person buy this metal fabric, and are there other things you can use to heat it? Let us know!

  3. It's a beautiful piece - and you'll be able to enjoy looking at it every day.

  4. Gorgeous colours and beautiful stitching in this lovely piece. At least you can enjoy looking at it as you sit there with your dry bread and water!!

  5. Congratulations with owning such a wonderful piece! Ok so you are broke now..lol... just keep looking at this piece and it will cheer you up!
    You're car is fixed and you are ready to roll...right..lol????
    Keep us posted..we love you!!

  6. Lovely! And thanks for dropping by my blog, and for your kind thoughts.

  7. Oh lucky you having a piece of Alysn's work. I have seen it close up and its amazing. (I have also worked at the Beetroot Tree!)
    Linda Vincent

  8. I can understand why you fell in love with it ,it is superb must have been difficult to photograph.Is the background heated metal or organza?and what an inspirational workshop.

  9. The heated metal fabric gives some lovely colours and effects. Must try it sometime.

  10. This is a stunning piece. Wonderful stitching. A great purchase.

  11. This piece has gorgeous stitching!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. A very beautiful piece.....I think that you are a very artist.
    ciao ciao


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